Race Committee


Chair:  Doug Bowden


Members:  Teresa Wuerdeman, Carol Trombley, Robert Moore, Don Wilken, Josh Merlis, Scott Ginsburg, Ken Klemp, Ed Neiles, Ken Skinner, Bob Irwin, Joe Richardson, Jim Tierney, Susan Burns, Mark French, Mark/Angela Warner, Mike Kelly, Chuck Tanner, Pete Newkirk, Vince Juliano, Chris Burns, Fred Kitzrow, Maureen MacLeod, Jim Armenia, Pat Glover, Russ Hoyer, Jim Thomas, Elaine Humphrey, Tom Bulger and Sharon Boehlke.

HMRRC Race Committee Policy

Adopted unanimously April 13, 1983 -- Effective date: June 1, 1983.

The committee has determined that races could generally be classified into two groups: Races that are directed by HMRRC and races that are not directed by HMRRC. Within the first group, there are two subdivisions: races in which there are is a primary sponsor and races in which there is no primary sponsor. The policy with respect to the first subdivision of the first group -- i.e. races directed by HMRRC in which there is a primary sponsor -- are as follows:

If a charitable organization wished to sponsor a race under the above terms, there is no reason to specifically prelude such an organization. However, because the budget would not provide for a direct contribution to a charitable organization other than the HMRRC and because such charitable organizations would have to rely on sources other than entry fees as means for raising money, their interest in sponsoring an event might be minimal. On the other hand the above-stated policy does not preclude such indirect fund raising activities such as, for example, a "check off" for runners to make an additional, voluntary contribution to a sponsoring charity or a pledge campaign based on miles run. The club's involvement as director of such a race would, like all races in which there is a primary sponsor, require an agreement approved at a business meeting of the club.

With respect to the second subdivision of the first group -- i.e., races directed by HMRRC in which there is no primary sponsor -- the Committee on Race Policy makes no specific recommendations. The Committee, however, notes the value of such purely club races and believes that a balance should be maintained between races in which there is a primary sponsor and races in which there is no primary sponsor. Maintaining a number of low-key events of which there is no sponsor is, we feel, in the best interests of the club and its members.

With respect to races that are not directed by HMRRC, the policy is that the club's involvement be limited to the rental of equipment and to the sale of advertising space in The Pace Setter. The terms and conditions of such rental or sale should be clearly established beforehand and agreed to in writing by the renting or purchasing party. The HMRRC, therefore, will not -- as an organization -- provide the personnel required to undertake a particular race function (e.g.. finish line coordination) under some other individual's or organization's direction, nor will HMRRC sanction a race of which it is not the director.

Individual club members, of course, are free to participate in a race in which HMRRC is not a director in any capacity those members consider appropriate. Such club members, however, should make it clear that they are participating as individuals, not as representatives or officers of HMRRC.

Committee: Raymond Newkirk, Chairperson, Michael Lancor, Charles Haugh, Thomas Miller, Donald Wilken, Paul Murray, Thomas Swasey.